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tv   [untitled]    June 4, 2012 6:02am-6:32am EDT

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the world no matter where i have been there is. one. reason why the destiny of mr hodder koskie as you know the european human rights court when you are registered in the. criminal case now in judgment of mr khodorkovsky tax there are no political more to mr company so before i'm going to present only in good company the movement as a regards are there are cases good people of such as regarding artist such cases then the wish to make clear you know most who we are talking about i know that they violation of public their little g.-man sets of rules we have. ministered of measures against those who while they had these rules and they know that all those people are opposing the deal and large and they are preparing for
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you eventually but it's normal and i believe that we should intervene used in our appropriate logisticians our action on the six hundred is over the european war you know that i have lived in to the it will be a bad signal to the skynet if you know what i believe that these events you are building a democratic or that of but at the same time they created the division of a certain a regime for the holder of such events as a tyranny of the vote of the called of the other which the two words escape sending one is the bulldozer and the two of the few from which changed into me i believe that the author of these voting that means the position of mr blair is on this earth energy package i would like to inform all of us to call them as they deem we have a president already considering it with an easy ok mind and i hope that we will be able to slice our vision issues not through the at the bank in any case we.
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on acceptable the distribution of the or they don't get months we've got in retrospect. all that lead to the extension of these documents to all the contras that were already assigned before there is energy package went into force and you see michael but at the same time i would like to say that the author of this bulleting has aroused some sympathy with me but the question is only in the way how or why didn't he distribute this go in such an unusual ways there are other methods to do that as you know we have adopted the choice of laws of liberal a liberal isn't it activated role for democracy part is that i don't know all the google and persons can establish their own democracy party. but would promote their people to parliaments their. war the implementation of the ideals that they deem regarding troop and just was mentioned
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by president putin about the sort of energy package i had the occasion during the summit to clarify our position these agreed to laos relation for all the member states and he could be implemented in an objective manner nondiscriminatory manner i believe all aspects of youth are fully compatible with international law. it's simple to understand that internal market is in constant evolution decisions clear allies several sectors not only energy but also telecommunications postal service is and so on and so force are taken to increase competition and transparency and not to create any difficulty for every operator regarding russian abroad as they are more than welcome in the peon energy in total markets they are indeed welcome when in fact they are already benefiting for instance downstream of
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some openings that this energy package is giving to them having said this we are always ready to discuss the dollar russian partners and other partners any specific concerns that may happen in a specific way of implementing this legislation in a different member this or that member states and in fact we are doing so because we want to keep at the confidence in our energy relationship with russia and we very much value this relationship it is i believe very important both for russia and for you opinion so this is the third energy package was indeed as present put in just mention one of the issues that you have discussed i cannot say that we fully agree but i think we can say that there is now a really willingness of both sides to engage constructively in the discussion of
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many aspects of a very important relationship this is the energy religion ship between russia and the european union. and it's to install on your more prose and i question of most banks you need to gratian. just id call you if. you received a mandate from the european council last week. too. to draft reports. all of the deepening of the economic and monetary union would make these reports in close cooperation with endure a the other president bill to european commission in this report how we mention the main building blocks for d.c. the couldn't economic and monetary union and i will make a proposal working methods to achieve these objectives in those building blocks bank you need to gratian is an important chapter. and in the chapter
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of the bank need to gratian. with d.d. . in the at this stage on supervision on the insurance and on divisional louche so we all walking on it it is the beginning only of the work i would present building blocks into what metals and we go on with that work later on and hopefully we can achieve the present results of that work already by the end of this year what would happen if we faded i never to hypothetical questions because we will not fail we will not face in the meantime we have to deal with the banking problems instead of all five member states and what we all working on in the deepening of the economic and monetary union has been so in some ways you know of and for those immediate problems than those immediate problems we have to
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tackle them together with the member states. as it was to put those are there is he scuse me. now a russian a media is invited to go with the folks who were here. good day interfax ages to go there is a better difficult situation in global economy in the eurozone and its effects are the prices overall energy resources that are coming from russia so i have a question for mr on pay and mr to the roosevelt with a you are. talking about that bitch about the fact that you will not fail but will you will be able to put on thirty years of the developed common position without us on the on their exit from crisis. to give in the into account the positions of my friends and human as well who were german and my question to mr putin us policy in the goodness and difficult situation in the eurozone will have your fabulous
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supplies of energy if it goes to europe and it is there will be a rush as it will be forced to correct these budget due to the fall in their oil prices thank you very much for that. let me begin so that my colleagues so will have time to be immigrating as you do on certain nobody course the economy situation in europe and facts correctly with the economy of the russian federation what you wear closely interconnected or about with as i will or a mantra. that used to be touring for the last year when it was worth three hundred four billion dollars in two thousand and ten it was sure it was put off pretty good. it was a flurry other than the sixty billion dollars so they'll do you girl face quite significant of course she fired me this situation in europe will lead to a recession to the few that will shrink her economy and the volume of incomes go to
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consumption of produce from russia is spent you spend. illit petroleum chemistry products it will affect us directly especially some we are able to hold prevent that our colleagues in the european union for you will be able to overcome your present difficulties. judging by you want we have heard today and yesterday i wore. european colleagues very determined they have a very professional approach and i am fully confident in saying that. i can say that these are not futile words this is a very. well balanced policy interested in this and i believe that even if we assume some disruptions unexpected events the forecast is very optimistic and even in our movement contrary we are ready to
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fully support this process because it is in our interests to do as it regarding the budget component should today in this year or do we have calculated our. mighty and budget spending in the petroleum that we judging from a one hundred dollars a barrel then we have calculated it reached that judging by that one hundred and we've eaten of dollars because i owe you for all the rest of us to be sure with more shellac waiting to reserve funds in addition to the next year we have a plant based in our dollars of calculating. ninety seven dollars per barrel sold their budgets might be it hasn't been approved yet and we don't know you how there will be global the european economy will do well of. maybe respective asia or anywhere we are not expecting any shocks here and we can expect issues to a response to any if i developmental situation by the way president putin already
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mentioned if. that in fact of the lemon was already. year of growth of russian exports in gas to europe. so it shows that sometimes all the talk about this consequences of the situation in europe is very much exaggerated so not only europe is by far the biggest buyer of russian gas but there has been an increase last year in spite of the situation of some difficulties that exist in europe about retreats to be open and if you discuss your goal of partners of course also with russia well it will be our like you saying president putin for the words he just had regarding his confidence into the termination of the european union leaders and euro area leaders to overcome this difficulty. i can tell you that i have also full confidence in that that to me. there are of course difficulties but
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those difficulties are in some member states overall the era where it is indeed in the best position and many of our counterparts in terms of macroeconomic stability but it is true that because of euro has not yet completed its all the instruments of financial integration we need to go further and that's exactly as present for the op i just mentioned what we are doing out at european level some of this measures take time. and the message we convey to our partners around the world and yet you have discussed yesterday evening with the president of russia. is precisely to explain the difficulties the challenges in a very objective manner but also do the complex responses we are bringing. and the response in europe certainly cannot be one of artificial the now creating grows you
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could be a mistake it would be a mistake also for our partners. the interest for europe and for our partners is to have sustainable growth in europe and twelve sustainable growth in europe we need fiscal consolidation because some countries have gone over what was reasonable in terms of public debt and deficits is of course to promote structural reforms for competitiveness and also in some cases targeted investment and this is very important to understand and i'm sure that our partners and interest that europe gets out of the current difficulties with sustainable growth and not something that is purely artificially and that will not be the right response and so from the point of view it was also a very good to a summit one we had today and yesterday because it all was to understand for instance what are the main challenges for a ship because there are also challenges here for sure but what are the challenges for us in dupion and if i may they spun me
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a very obvious conclusion. is that you need to do more together. i really believe that it is in the interest of the european union and russia are so close and with such an important relationship to do more things together because trade investment is also a very important driver for for growth and that is precisely the conclusion that i draw from our talks today and yesterday thank you i should like to invite i would guess i would have to spend some comments on regional. we have to put a lot of nuances in these blaming in some way of the eurozone or the so-called problems of the world economy first of all. we have all problems already well known. but the world economic growth is also suffering from problems.
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in some of the emerging economies not the russian economy of course but some of the emerging countries are facing huge problems and also this is an element of explain as a sort of slowdown of economic growth so euro zone is not the main responsible for slower economic growth only world scale second nuance east that by the end of this year we would have posted if economic gross into your toes going as a whole and even. even a rather strong recovery in western european countries and for two thousand and thirteen we have in any case positive economic growth between one and two percent last nuance of on growth is that what we are living know what we are experiencing no you can't compare this with
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a huge financial crisis off two thousand and eight and two thousand and nine nine coming from the other side of the ocean and then at that time we had over all in europe eight a new yorker and european union every session of minus four percent we had a lot at that stage even to the bets the worst figures are minus zero point three percent for dishnet so we have to compare what has to be compared . last remark is if can we overcome this crisis with that we again agreements in the european union i have now at fifteen meetings of the european culture fish the there was never a failure each time we made progress that is much more european integration no than i was three or four years ago according to some it is too little and too
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late but each time we agreed with seventeen or we twenty seven and we will do so again only growth agenda in june and on the building block for deepening an economic and monetary union at the end of the process would have more europe not less europe and within overcome this crisis step by step it will take time because the problems in some of our member station are proof problems we hadn't the necessary tools in the beginning to deal with the crisis we all we have no sit set into motion a lot of new a new instruments but a guy again a cheechoo european council was a productive one and this of june and december will also be the case and let's be sure that france and germany are not the only ones in europe in your your toes or but i'm quite convinced that a long tradition of cooperation will continue between those two countries but we
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need the consent not of two countries we need a constant of seventy eight in the eurozone and twenty seven and that's my to sponsibility. thank you i should like to give the floor to the correspondents of a place. when it face. i have one question to president putin and mr barroso is practically the same question from different perspectives from. your previous presidents cycle you have said that as soon as russia was. hearing into the w t o that would give us a boost to working on the new basic agreement how is this statement true today when and this iteration has changed by little oil prices falling where there is
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a negative. public opinion in those sectors of russia who would start off from russia as a teacher and stood up a duty oh well russia is a part of the customs union how this statement made by you remains true. i mean that the attention to w t o. a minimal economic block of the basic agreement and mr brosnahan opinion on how we do integration of russia w t o what influence we have to the. elaboration or for the new. treaty of partnership and cooperation thank you. no no it is a letters beginning with a w t o. we have you see have seen the response separate sectors of russian economy. when we are here to w t o there are reasons but the instruments which
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we use within the requirements of a double to make us think by implementing those tools in our economy we can minimize those risks for a separate. directions of industry that is agriculture agriculture engineering. car industry etc several instruments are beginning to be used all the things in full agreement with the w t o requirements and other w t o member states are using these instruments as well let's just first second during the talks including talks with the european countries we agreed that you. on several directions of octave it is in several sectors our economy and i will use the so called transitional period that we will join to the requirements step by step by lowering the level of customs protection and taking
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other commitments on ourselves and by the way the level of customs protection even after russia's addition to double duty zero would be higher than we think customs protection level at ukraine which we are more concerned about that than the mere about the me fact of russia that asian today because we have a lot of. interest in comic interaction with ukraine but that's a serious matter which the russian government needs to take care of but on the whole we will follow they reached agreements and we will implement them. another matter is where we. did a lot of work we have for a long time we have been working and we've continued discussions today on the preparation of the new basic agreement. would not hide it there is no secret that during the talks our european colleagues. place issues in front of us and
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placed the demands and requirements which as we think go beyond the commitments which russia has taken during that hearing to the w t o this is an approach which. call double joe plus. plus you to sit him we come to agree with these requirements yet it's. going to take into account that we have just finished the talks on their own to w t o a so we can take any additional commitments to us because these commitments would have to be spread on all the w t o countries or our negotiations package with other countries should be then reviewed separately relations between the e.u. and russia should be created ignoring the interests of other participants of the w t o but we understand each other and we will share them very.
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professionally and densely and expertly discuss these problems as far as the customs union and the common economic single comic areas concerned and our third integration processes with the european union we see no contradictions in that i have said about that because we. make the very rules of the customs union and the single economic space fully completely i'd like to highlight that. well. you have prepared and signed documents fully and completely based on the principles of the w.t. . moreover our partners kazakstan and battle your seat have taken a president in decisions and agreed that the requirements and conditions of rashes that he has been to the w t o would be accepted by them as well if they have agreed to do that and i think that this is
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a very courageous step from the political authorities of. these government said i thought that the e.u. would take this into account and support these countries when they will adhere to the. relation with the individual going to ship of russia and the new agreement first of all it's obvious that this new agreement has to be compatible with the euro and there's you know we have very much to point to the girl. with membership of russia in fact what was strange was that russia was not a member of the you know it was the only major economy not a member and so it's quite natural that now this happens it's not a secret that you have very much supported in fact the final negotiations it's also not a secret that i also spoke with at that time prime minister putin to try to handle some issues that were still pending and i'm very happy about the cooperation so
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that russia is now becoming a full member of the euro and i'm sure this is also in the interest of the russian people for all reasons is true that there are some transitional issues to be safeguarded and in fact russia was able to address these issues in a very weird say determined way now. today we had also a very good discussion about this new agreement and our understanding of friends i remember correctly was getting new agreement there will be also parts of of it related to trade and investment as it was in fact agreed in a previous study it will be a comprehensive ambitious and balanced agreement covering the most important areas of our cooperation but our way intention is not at all to ask from russia new tariff reductions beyond what was already done in that of
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a hero at the same time we believe there are some issues that are treated like that relate that that are important for instance regulatory convergence that can make life easier for businessman most in russia and in your opinion and we would like to discuss this with our russian partners and of course as president putin said this is not something for our experts now to meet and to negotiate but we believe there is a potential not adding more of league ations to kill not at all that is not our intention and of course we certainly russia a position we respect it but to put also an important part of a new agreement covering also the very important economic relationship between russia and the opinion so this was i think the conclusion of today's good exchanges on this matter. you see your shape at the end of that press conference the question
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from the russian mass media. thank you so much is that it was. the first question continuation of the topical for some good and honest and it's based on what is a perspective sort of got our cooperation and. that was you discussed zones of trade where they discuss and the. question is about. civil servants give a lot of information about businesses. both the reports of russian from e.u. what. are composed of twenty two hundred picture pages and there's a competition for their translation and i and so on one of the citizens who graduate made the case the situation where we have problems with i guess the national gangs is the show for us or on of the stories was already told where and while visiting province. that's why we did our best my question to the european
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leaders maybe there are some respects who told him. you go in to visit fritters him up west or is this question that's already behind thank you. mike as for visit problem. you know opposition we're movement. ready to move you should always reserve free regime even foster finish. and the ball is on the side of our european partners as we see all of the difficulties and as the browser has said that this not only the issue of european commission should be agreed by does dozens of countries in different countries they feel different about that and as for the flow of that which you get i'm going to label my dreams from russia this. concerns over exposure are exaggerated could criminal elements be the same if they criminal arms if they wanted. moved to europe they would move in to europe and from europe and only
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businessman who followed the law of the jordan liston citizens they are the ones who suffer a whole want to have personal relations with their. relatives and their close friends and such a partner so i hope it will go on we're moving towards what the first question was . and was with already are your answers this question i can say once again i think that today you direct negotiations between the commission of their joint economic space from the national express and european commission that are. going to have to take place because a number of first just were transferred to national body and now even if we want to do it we cannot do you're in. the negotiation process with the european union with the.


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